Key Tools

Right to Information Act

The Right to Information (RTI) Act (2009) empowers citizens to obtain information that may be of crucial importance in relation to rights and services they are entitled to.

National Integrity Strategy

The National Integrity Strategy (NIS) (2012) is a wide-ranging good governance strategy formulated by the government to prevent corruption and improve national integrity in all spheres of life.

Grievance Redress System

Grievance Redress System (2008) is an institutionalised method consisting of specified roles, rules, and procedures for systematically resolving complaints, grievances, disputes, or conflicts in government offices.

Citizen’s Charters

A Citizen’s charter is a public document asserting the standards for various services offered. It reinforces fulfilling of a government office’s measurable and accountable commitments.


Government Officials Capacitated

Civil Society Actors/Citizens Capacitated

Community Resource Centre Accessed


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