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Improving citizen participation, civil society engagement, and government responsiveness and accountability in Bangladesh

P4D Works To

Foster Democratic Ownership at the Union and District Level


Improve Responsive Governance at the Local and National Level


Create Inclusive Dialogue between Civil Society and Government

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Encourage Widespread Use of Social Accountability Tools

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Our Partners Keep our Work Moving Forward Around the Country

At Platforms for Dialogue, we work with 63 partner CSOs and the Cabinet Division of Bangladesh to Promote Social Accountability Tools. P4D is implemented by the British Council in 21 districts with funding from the European Union.

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Find Helpful Resources to Learn About and Promote Social Accountability Tools

Download dozens of resources created by P4D and our institutional partners in English and Bengali on policy tools to support a more inclusive and accountable Bangladesh.



Promoting the use of social accountability tools will help build a better Bangladesh. Learn more about these tools and how communities are using them around the country.

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