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The Citizen's Charter is a social accountability tool designed to help citizens understand public service offerings so that they are empowered and informed when seeking services from their local government offices. 



The Citizen’s Charter is meant to improve the accountability, transparency, and quality of public services. A Citizen’s Charter outlines and asserts promises of standards, and it is a crucial instrument to bring about positive change by reinforcing responsiveness.


  1. Sets service expectations to help citizens better understand service offerings and prepare their visit to local government offices.

  2. Focuses on the needs of citizens and the capacity of providers.

  3. Provides citizens and service providers a mechanism to ensure accountability for all parties.

  4. Encourages cooperation between citizens and civil servants.


Through Platform's for Dialogue's partnerships with CSOs at the grassroots level, Citizen's Charters have been posted in 63 unions, spanning 21 districts. We have also provided trainings for civil society organisations and government institutions on the Citizen's Charter to ensure both government officials and local communities can engage with this tool in a meaningful and productive way.


We have also developed social media campaigns to promote the use use of social accountability tools, including the Citizen's Charter, through graphics, infographics, and videos. This content is helping millions learn about the Citizen's Charter and how it can benefit their communities.

In partnership with the Cabinet Division, P4D also designed and produced public service announcements to help citizens understand what the Citizen's Charter is, how it works, and why it is important. Click on the link below to view the full video. 

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