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The Citizen's Charter is a social accountability tool designed to help citizens understand public service offerings so that they are empowered when seeking services from their local government offices. 




The Grievance Redress System is a national platform on which citizens can lodge formal, anonymous complaints about public service providers.


The Grievance Redress System is a platform through which citizens can send a formal complaint to the government to express their dissatisfaction with public service providers. It is designed to identify ways to improve service delivery, improve transparency, and increase accountability among service providers at the local level.


  1. Allows users to file complaints anonymously, in order to reduce concerns about negative repercussions.

  2. Provides rules and procedure standards, as well as clear roles for key officials to resolve complaints, grievances, disputes, and conflicts between the public and government officers

The Government of Bangladesh's Vision 2021 focuses on the development and promotion of systems to curb corruption and establish good governance. The establishment of the Grievance Redress System governing conduct in all government ministries and offices is a key tool to achieve these goals.


Through Platforms for Dialogue's partnerships with government training institutions, government officials have been trained on GRS software and on how to address complaints efficiently and professionally. We have also provided trainings for civil society organisations on GRS to teach citizens at the local level how they can access this tool and help ensure better service delivery in their community in the future. Additionally, our Community Resource Centres have welcomed citizens to use their computers and helped them use the online GRS platform.


We have also developed social media campaigns to promote the use use of social accountability tools, including the Grievance Redress System, through graphics, infographics, and videos. This content is helping millions learn about GRS and how it can benefit their communities.

In partnership with the Cabinet Division, P4D also designed and produced public service announcements to help citizens understand what the Grievance Redress System is, how it works, and why it is important. Click on the link below to view the full video. 

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