Key Actors

P4D is working in partnership with the Cabinet Division and the European Union to enhance transparency and accountability in public governance in Bangladesh.

The project corresponds to the EU-Bangladesh ‘Strengthening Democratic Governance’ framework from the EU Multi-Annual Indicative Programme for 2014-2020.

P4D activities involve engagement of government officials from all tiers, which depends on crucial coordination efforts with the Cabinet Division. P4D is conceived on the premise of the Government of Bangladesh’s policy commitments to be more accountable and responsive to citizen rights and preferences in decision making and service delivery. The specific stress P4D lays upon civil society organisations as a key apparatus to strengthen democratic ownership is also aligned with a range of legislations, plans, and functions of various executive, representative, and statutory bodies.

P4D has signed an MoU with the National Institute of Local Government, Ministry of Information, Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre and Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy with the objective to build capacity of civil servants.

The project is managed by the British Council.

P4D recognises the role of Civil Society Organisations  (as acknowledged in the National Integrity Strategy 2012 of the government) in articulating public priorities, delivering aid, promoting human rights, shaping development policies and overseeing their implementation. With a view to achieving P4D’s objective of establishing collaboration with local government, the project provides selected grassroots CSOs/CBOs at Union, Upazila and district levels with trainings and facilities.

These grassroots organisations are rooted in their locality and will continue to operate after P4D closes. Equipped with a new range of skills, knowledge and enhanced social capital, they will continue to engage with the local government and administrations on behalf of the public.

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Map for MAPs
We have 63 partner CSOs, each with a Multi-Actor Partnership (MAP) group collaborating with them to deliver real impact in their community. Click on the map below to learn more about the activities of each CSO and MAP group: