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The National Integrity Strategy is a national level initiative to infuse transparency, accountability, and integrity into everyday public and private life. 



The National Integrity Strategy sets out the government’s plan to address system weakness in domestic institutions, highlighted by the UN as a key driver of corruption. The NIS reflects the government’s stated belief that “the fight against corruption cannot be won by prosecution alone; an inclusive approach based on values, morals, ethics, and integrity is necessary.”


​Under the NIS, the government aims to:​

  1. Have Parliament emerge as a place for fair and rational debate for law-making

  2. Ensure that local government is people-oriented, accountable, transparent, and independent

  3. Continue to foster an environment where civil society remains articulate, non-partisan, and vocal about national integrity, so that citizens can effectively demand transparency and accountability from public institutions

To learn more about NIS, visit the Cabinet Division website, (contents may be in Bengali).


Through Platform's for Dialogue's partnerships with CSOs at the grassroots level, the National Integrity System has been promoted through community forums, educational programmes, and dialogues between citizens and public service providers. At the local and national levels of government, P4D and our partner institutions have conducted trainings for officials on the NIS and studied its impacts.


We have also developed social media campaigns to promote the use use of social accountability tools, including the National Integrity Strategy, through graphics, infographics, and videos. This content is helping millions learn about the value of integrity and accountability in both public and private life and how integrity can benefit many aspects of their communities.

Building a better Bangladesh is the responsibility of citizens and government institutions alike. Click on the video below to see everyday citizens encouraging others to do their part to create a better Bangladesh.

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